Reach Glory

Reach Glory Media

Leading Entertainment Marketing Company, headquartered in Beijing and has branch offices in Los Angeles, Seoul and Shanghai.


As the leader in Asia’s Entertainment Marketing, Reach Glory is expanding it’s footprint in the United States, based out of Los Angeles. Services offered range from executing partnership contracts, Placement Marketing and producing own Original content.


Reach Glory Media Group is a leading entertainment marketing agency in China, providing integrated marketing services with international-standards in product placement, co-promotion and licensing/merchandising. Its successful entertainment marketing cases include cooperating with TCL in products placement and co-promotion in IRON MAN2 and IRON MAN 3, developing joint marketing promotion between Wrigley5 and IRON MAN 3, helping TCL to win the naming right of Chinese Theatre and getting the licensing rights of BIG BANG THEORY for VANCLE.


Reach Glory Media Group also specializes in production and distribution of movies, TV dramas, and animations. Reach Glory has produced films Color Me Love and the Law of Attraction, TV series Direction and TV animation Trouble Shooters.


Reach Glory Media Group comprises three companies including RG Communications, RG Animation, and RG Advertising and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Los Angeles.


A pleasantly unique web development experience, had a blast working with counterpart web team in China. Since the success of the new site, various web design elements has been adopted to the main website (chinese version).