Privacy Policy

The privacy policy by Sparksbox is designed to protect any kind of data or information that you provide us on this website. This data may include images, text, logos, links, or any other information that you share while using our website.

We provide our commitment to protect your personal data in the best way possible in accordance with our privacy policy

At Sparksbox, we strive to make our Privacy Policy as extensive and detailed as possible and develop innovative ways to improve our services for our users. We understand the importance of your data, and hence our team of experts design and work keeping in mind the utmost protection of your privacy.

The Privacy Policy of Sparksbox clarifies our ways and procedures of collecting your personal data, how do we use it, how well we secure it and what can be done in case you wish to update or amend this information.

At times when we ask you to fill in any form to improve our services, the said data will be stored securely with us at our backend server.

By continuing to use our services, you fully consent to our use, collection, and disclosure of any information as per the privacy policy.

The following Privacy Policy is an updated version dated 09/01/2021 that fully complies with the regulations and laws.

We as a company keep on updating and making required amendments in our privacy policy, and hence you are requested to check and visit this page from time to time.

What kind of data do we collect through our website?

  • Whenever you interact with our website, we store your personal information like complete name, invoice address, official email id, payment history, and any other communication done with Sparksbox. We will also collect other non-personal information like your browser type and language and hardware specifications that helps us identify the user’s browser.
  • However, this information is not used for any marketing purposes and not shared with any third party.

In case you wish to know the exact information that we store with us or want us to update any details, you can email us at This exercise will also help us in keeping your records updated.

  • Sparksbox also uses cookies to track the behaviour of the visitor to the website. We utilize Google Analytics to collect statistics of the pages explored on our website.

What we do with the gathered information

We gather the data to understand your requirements and provide you with a more personalized experience. We may sometimes use this information for doing our market research.

Links to other websites

You may come across some third-party links present on Sparksbox. We are not responsible or have any control over such websites, and hence any kind of interaction or communication will be your sole responsibility. You cannot hold us for the privacy and protection of your data while interacting with such websites.

Right of the users

We give our users full authority to:

  • To change or correct their data present under their personal account
  • To review their personal information and ask us to delete their data
  • Restrict processing collection of their data
  • Keep their personal data anonymous

Compliance with regulatory authorities

Sparksbox ensures to regularly review the compliance with our mentioned Privacy Policy. In case we receive any formal written complaint, we immediately follow up and check with the person who made this complaint. To solve any complaint which might be related to the transfer of your personal data, we consider it our duty to coordinate with concerned regulatory authorities.

Data Collection from minors

The minimum age to use our services is sixteen. In case of any event wherein, we get to know that the individual whose personal information has been collected is underage, we take the required steps to delete that data from our server. But, by agreeing to our terms and conditions, you confirm that you are at least 16 years of age.

Sending of emails

The email address which you share with Sparksbox will be used to send emailers and newsletters related to any new services, pricing, company updates, or latest blogs. We will also use this email id to share with you some of the frequently asked questions by our users. In case you wish to stop receiving such company information, you can easily opt-out by unsubscribing in the email.

Legal notices

The Privacy Policy of Sparksbox is subject to the Terms and Conditions that are already in place. These Terms and Conditions take ultimate superiority over any conflicting provision written in this Privacy Policy.

Website contact information

Whether you are a new or an old user at Sparksbox, we will suggest you, please go through all the terms and conditions and take your time to get to know our services. In case of any questions or feedback regarding our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at

No zero-error performance

Under this Privacy Policy, Sparksbox does not confirm zero-error performance. A human error is possible, and we may sometimes miss catching any unintended issue despite our best efforts to bring you the updated and correct information. Hence, we are always open to receive any kind of feedback regarding any privacy issues that you encounter while accessing our website. For us, the customer is our king, and hence we are always ready to make your experience comfortable and error-free. Our professional and dedicated employees are always ready to solve any kind of issue regarding the privacy policy of Sparksbox. To report any error, you can contact us at

Information storage

All the personal data that you share or input on our website is stored in our server; till the time you are an authorized user of our services. By accessing our website, you automatically give us permission to use your personal information. You agree and allow us to store or process this data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

This data will be stored with us until the time you make any particular request. Your usage information and data will be stored till our association continues.

How we use website cookies

We all know how website cookies help us to provide a better experience for our customers. When you allow cookies to access your data, you automatically allow us to provide you with relevant data and information and remove any clutter.

You have the authority to choose whether you want to accept or decline website cookies. Normally, web browsers are set to automatically accept the cookies, but you still have the option to modify this setting. If required, you can decline or unable the provision to accept cookies. But this may hamper your website experience and prevent you from taking full benefit of any website.


These terms and conditions of use apply to users and visitors of Sparksbox. By using our website, you are accepting the terms and agree to abide by it. Please read them carefully before you start using our website. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, please refrain from using our website.

Accessing our website

You acknowledge that we reserve the right to withdraw the availability of our website. We do not make any guarantee whatsoever on the uninterrupted access to our website. If in case the need arises, we may suspend the access to our website temporarily or indefinitely. You also agree that we are not liable for any loss you may incur by not being able to access our website.

We may update the website at regular intervals and may change the content at any time. Any material available on our website may be removed without any notice. We are not under any obligation to update or replace the removed areas.

Intellectual property rights

We are the sole owner of the intellectual properties and the material in our website. All the works are protected by copyright laws around the world.

There are also trademarks present on our website that are not the property of Sparksbox which are given proper acknowledgement. None of the content present on our website is allowed to be downloaded, copied, reproduced, transmitted, stored, sold or distributed without our consent.

You may link to any page of our website provided it does not take advantage of us or damage our reputation. We reserve the right to withdraw linking authorization without any notice. You may copy, download, or print the pages of our website only for non-commercial or personal use. Illegal use of our website is a criminal offense and may give rise to claims.

Please contact for any questions.